We're proud to announce our sustainability practices for 2011!

A great deal of energy is expended at music festivals to produce shows worth remembering, which includes the powering of elaborate sound systems, impressive light displays, and vendor carts selling delicious food.

Given our amazing location at Doheny State Beach and the environmentally conscious population of SoCal, Doheny Days is implementing a variety of sustainability practices to reduce our impact on the environment.

We have enlisted the help of, an Orange County-based non-profit organization specializing in sustainability.

The following practices are being implemented at Doheny Days:

Waste Management
• All generators used to power Doheny Days Music Festival are Bio-Diesel
• Waste-sorting stations throughout the festival grounds will be staffed to ensure that recyclables and compostable material are separated from land-fill waste
• Styrofoam has been banned from the festival
• All food vendors are required to use eco-friendly service containers
• All beverage cups are made from biodegradable corn husks
• Cardboard from all of our vendors will be pre-sorted from waste in order to ensure its recyclability
• Festival wrist bands are shipped via Greenline – bags that are 100% recyclable and compostable
• All portable toilets are treated and cleaned with eco-friendly supplies, and are stocked with toilet paper made from recycled paper. 
• Composting will be performed by Mobile Compost Service

Product Sourcing
• All volunteer T-shirts are made out of organic cotton
• Festival Event Guide printed on recycled paper
• Festival wrist bands are shipped via Greenline – bags that are 100% recyclable and compostable

• We encourage all festival attendees to carpool – not just to reduce our collective carbon footprint, but to reduce traffic & parking congestion
• We encourage bicycling to our event by offering a FREE bicycle valet service

Environmental Education and Awareness
We have set aside a separate area to specifically showcase local environmental organizations, their programs, and what they are doing to educate our communities about sustainability. Booth space has been donated to each of the following organizations:
• Ecofficiency.Org
• Surfrider Foundation

Supporting Local and Sustainable Companies
We have reached out to several local and sustainable companies to highlight and support their efforts.
• 118 Degrees – raw vegan food (Costa Mesa)
• Organic Oasis - solar powered organic smoothies

Keep checking back for updates and further actions as we near the festival date!