Lounge Pass


Enjoy Doheny Days in style with the Lounge Pass! This premium ticket level will give you exclusive access to multiple lounges throughout the festival. Only Lounge Pass holders are granted access to the Backstage Lounge and have preferred viewing at the Doheny Lounge and The Cove Lounge.

Lounge Pass  – What comes with Lounge Pass? - $200 Single Day / $350 Weekend Pass

•  Access to The Backstage Lounge (behind main-stage)
•  Access to The Doheny Lounge (in-front of main-stage)
•  Access to The Cove Lounge (near our third stage)
•  Exclusive access to The Beach House where DJ Axel will spin your favorite tunes
•  Free ice cream in The Backstage Lounge, provided by Ice Cream Man.
•  Catered lunch by Wahoo's Fish Taco (1pm - 6 pm both days)
•  4 complimentary beverages
•  Complimentary water and energy drinks at all of the lounges
•  Official festival t-shirt
•  Upgraded air-conditioned restrooms
•  Early entry at 11:00 am through the VIP/Lounge entrance

Day of Show (while supplies last) - $225 Single Day (Plus $5 Service: $3 Charity / $2 Venue)

Delivery Options

Package A - The Event Band Package ($10 for UPS Ground)
Have your own wristband delivered to your doorstep – and get some free stuff in the mail! By choosing The Event Band (Package A), there’s no waiting in line at the front gate or will call... just breeze through the front entrance. You’ll also receive complimentary Doheny Days schwag and special offers - only if you choose The Event Band. All wristband packages will be shipped 2 weeks prior to the festival.


Package B – PrintPass ($1)
Customers may choose to have their tickets emailed to them for a nominal fee. Please note that by selecting PrintPass, you will need to exchange your PrintPass for a wristband prior to entering the festival. In order to avoid waiting in any lines when you arrive, select Package A.